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    Delete remote uploads · 9cb2812d4482
    Jan Provaznik authored
    ObjectStore uploader requires presence of associated `uploads` record
    when deleting the upload file (through the carrierwave's after_commit
    hook) because we keep info whether file is LOCAL or REMOTE in `upload`
    For this reason we can not destroy uploads as "dependent: :destroy" hook
    because these would be deleted too soon. Instead we rely on
    carrierwave's hook to destroy `uploads` in after_commit hook.
    But in before_destroy hook we still have to delete not-mounted uploads
    (which don't use carrierwave's destroy hook). This has to be done in
    before_Destroy instead of after_commit because `FileUpload` requires
    existence of model's object on destroy action.
    This is not ideal state of things, in a next step we should investigate
    how to unify model dependencies so we can use same workflow for all
    Related to #45425