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    Heptapod CI: match HGitaly build/spawn with Gitaly · 56a1a392e87d
    Georges Racinet authored
    This creates and preserves the `tmp/tests/hgitaly` subdir
    and separates for CI the install (build) and startup (spawn)
    By putting `hgitaly.socket` in that preserved directory,
    it also fixes test runs on developer machines involving
    several spec files (previously, the socket was destroyed
    at the end of each spec file)
    This is heavier than strictly needed for HGitaly, but
    matching what is already done for Gitaly will help us
    schedule differently (prepare phase, straight download), and
    prebuilding just Gitaly, but with `TestEnv` that actually starts
    HGitaly is an unmaintanable mess.
    branch : heptapod-stable
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