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    Add multi-line suggestion migrations · 5b9c8064dc5e
    Oswaldo Ferreira authored
    Adds outdated, lines_above and lines_below columns to
    suggestions table.
    outdated - boolean which represents whether the suggestion
    is outdated or not. For instance, if any line changed after
    you left the multi-line suggestion, even though the note
    is not outdated, it helps tracking if the content has changed
    in the latest file. We cache this information in a column given
    it's not a cheap operation to do for every suggestion in the
    request time.
    lines_below, lines_above - persists the parsed arguments from
    `suggestion:-10+3` syntax, where `10` would be lines_above and
    3 lines_below. We need that to dynamically calculate which
    lines we should monitor for outdating / persisting the correct
    content in from_content column.