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    CI details cleanup · f77a19b2824e
    Kamil Trzcinski authored
    - Add page titles to CI settings.
    - Fix CI admin navigation.
    - Remove duplicated scope.
    - Use monospace font for commit sha.
    - Add page title and header title to build page.
    - Proper authorization for cancel/retry builds.
    - Use gitlab pagination theme for builds and group members.
    - Don't paginate builds widget on build page.
    - Add badges to commit page Changes/Builds tabs.
    - Add "Builds" to commit Builds tab page title.
    - Add and use Ci::Build#retryable? method.
    - Add CI::Build#retried? method.
    - Allow all failed commit builds to be retried.
    - Proper authorization for cancel/retry all builds.
    - Remove unused param.
    - Use time_ago_with_tooltip where appropriate.
    - Tweak builds index text
    - Remove duplication between builds/build and commit_statuses/commit_status.
    - Use POST rather than GET for canceling and retrying builds.
    - Remove redundant URL helpers.
    - Add build ID to build page.
    - Link branch name on build page.
    - Move commit/:sha/ci to commit/:sha/builds.
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