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    add auto-cancel for pending pipelines on branch, if they are not HEAD · b4c07a0483bd
    Rydkin Maxim authored
    fix changelog MR reference
    add non-HEAD builds finder and add `created` pipelines to scope
    add spec for auto-cancel non-HEAD pipelines and refactor create_pipeline_service_spec
    more refactoring for spec
    adds option for auto-cancel into CI/CD settings
    fix spec to new configuration
    fix rubocop
    fix schema.rb
    fix schema.rb
    replace Gitlab 9.0 with 9.1 in doc
    change wording on pipeline settings
    added auto_canceled_by field as identifier of autocancel subject
    remove unnecessary index
    replace service with retry_lock
    replace auto_cancel_pending_pipelines boolean setting with integer (and enum in model)
    fix schema.rb
    fix schema.rb
    remove projekt attribute and clean up spec
    clean up spec withcouple of shared examples
    added spec for "It does not cancel current pipeline" scenario
    add some specs to auto-cancel
    add spec for another branch pipelines
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