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    lib/bitbucket: backported up to f155cc9034f2 from GitLab · 875a89c436fa
    Georges Racinet authored
    This notably solves the username issue (#102)
    by using nickname everywhere.
    Did not include the filtering, would need to check the
    consequences in app/ and notably views, but could be
    done as a follow-up.
    It should also be less memory-hungry thanks to the
    freezing of litterals.
    commit f155cc9034f2247c5d368f9b0212ad44248b0c5e
    Author: GitLab Bot <>
    Date:   Wed Oct 16 03:06:12 2019 +0000
        Add latest changes from gitlab-org/gitlab@master
    commit e66d6781ef36e39d15b1b9bc84cc30e87969edad
    Author: GitLab Bot <>
    Date:   Thu Sep 26 18:06:29 2019 +0000
        Add latest changes from gitlab-org/gitlab@master
    commit 736b5908da637cbb35eb5fd1a10790c2ee17fcde
    Author: Dinesh Panda <>
    Date:   Tue Sep 10 08:11:43 2019 +0000
        Avoid calling freeze on already frozen strings in lib
    commit 5ba77a49997221cc646f158d56c86a636b42e735
    Author: George Koltsov <>
    Date:   Wed Aug 7 14:01:18 2019 +0100
        Add author lines to project import comments
    commit d598e4fd937797a7f7778f5b4158ebf73139ce7f
    Author: gfyoung <>
    Date:   Sat Oct 6 16:10:08 2018 -0700
        Enable more frozen string in lib/**/*.rb
        Enables frozen for the following:
        * lib/*.rb
        * lib/banzai/**/*.rb
        * lib/bitbucket/**/*.rb
        * lib/constraints/**/*.rb
        * lib/container_registry/**/*.rb
        * lib/declarative_policy/**/*.rb
        Partially addresses #47424.
    branch : heptapod-0-6-stable
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