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    heptapod-ci: preparations for tests involving Mercurial · 3e78a99421fa
    Georges Racinet authored
    This is done by a separate Python script originally because
    it'd otherwise be an escaping nightmare with sed commands as
    `` issues (especially because we'd need
    an absolute path, and hence to escape $PWD).
    Now this script does the following:
    - create a virtualenv
    - install all py-heptapod needed dependencies, for now
      in a Python2 virtual environment. We'll have to provide
      a recent Python3 for HGitaly later.
    - configure GitLab for Mercurial operation.
    This is done after `TestEnv.init` because the later would
    cancel our changes in `config/gitlab.yml`
    Note also that putting the local `test.hgrc` file in `tmp/tests`
    would not work: something inside the `bin/rspec` run would delete
    it before the time when the actual tests need it.
    branch : heptapod
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