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    Optimize Project#ci_service(s) · 3065b4cfa6ae
    Yorick Peterse authored
    The method Project#ci_services would load all services into memory
    (including _all_ their columns) and then use Enumerable#select to reduce
    the list. Project#ci_service in turn would further reduce this list down
    to just 1 Service instance.
    Instead of doing all this in Ruby we can just offload the work to the
    database, reducing the amount of time spent in these methods. These
    changes reduce the time of the first call to Project#ci_services from
    around 240 ms to around 10 ms, though the final timings will vary based
    on database load. Because Project#ci_service is memoized there's no
    further overhead introduced by using a database query.
    Fixes gitlab-org/gitlab-ce#14186