Commit 02c46bfc authored by Mike Greiling's avatar Mike Greiling
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ensure fork_source returns nil when project is the root fork, add tests

parent 27f8a4ddb2f9
...@@ -1032,6 +1032,8 @@ def forked? ...@@ -1032,6 +1032,8 @@ def forked?
end end
def fork_source def fork_source
return nil unless forked?
forked_from_project || fork_network&.root_project forked_from_project || fork_network&.root_project
end end
...@@ -1951,6 +1951,10 @@ def create_build(new_pipeline = pipeline, name = 'test') ...@@ -1951,6 +1951,10 @@ def create_build(new_pipeline = pipeline, name = 'test')
expect(second_fork.fork_source).to eq(project) expect(second_fork.fork_source).to eq(project)
end end
it 'returns nil if it is the root of the fork network' do
expect(project.fork_source).to be_nil
end end
describe '#lfs_storage_project' do describe '#lfs_storage_project' do
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