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......@@ -59,13 +59,13 @@ Apart from those, here is an collection of tutorials and guides on setting up yo
- [Example projects](
- **Articles:**
- [Creating and Tweaking `.gitlab-ci.yml` for GitLab Pages](../../project/pages/getting_started_part_four.html)
- [Creating and Tweaking `.gitlab-ci.yml` for GitLab Pages](../../user/project/pages/
- [SSGs Part 3: Build any SSG site with GitLab Pages](
examples for Ruby-, NodeJS-, Python-, and GoLang-based SSGs
- [Building a new GitLab docs site with Nanoc, GitLab CI, and GitLab Pages](
- [Publish code coverage reports with GitLab Pages](
See the topic [GitLab Pages](../../user/project/pages/index.html) for a complete overview.
See the topic [GitLab Pages](../../user/project/pages/ for a complete overview.
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