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Moved entry for !3880 to 8.7.2

Apparently this was already released in 8.7.2 but no changelog entry was

[ci skip]
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......@@ -31,12 +31,12 @@ v 8.7.3
- Merge request widget displays TeamCity build state and code coverage correctly again.
- Fix the line code when importing PR review comments from GitHub. !4010
- Wikis are now initialized on legacy projects when checking repositories
- Label titles in filters are now escaped properly
v 8.7.2
- The "New Branch" button is now loaded asynchronously
- Fix error 500 when trying to create a wiki page
- Updated spacing between notification label and button
- Label titles in filters are now escaped properly
v 8.7.1
- Throttle the update of `project.last_activity_at` to 1 minute. !3848
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