Commit 31b30f6e authored by Johannes Schleifenbaum's avatar Johannes Schleifenbaum
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Change the Label for SHA1-Seach inside the Network

parent 067c14409368
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
= render partial: 'shared/ref_switcher', locals: {destination: 'graph'}
= form_tag project_network_path(@project, @id), method: :get, class: 'form-inline network-form' do |f|
= label_tag :search , "Looking for", class: 'light inline-label'
= label_tag :extended_sha1 , "Looking for", class: 'light inline-label'
= text_field_tag :extended_sha1, @options[:extended_sha1], placeholder: "Input an extended SHA1 syntax", class: "search-input form-control input-mx-250"
= button_tag type: 'submit', class: 'btn btn-success' do
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