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Add an example webhook receiver
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#### Example webhook receiver
If you want to see GitLab's webhooks in action for testing purposes you can use
a simple echo script running in a console session.
Save the following file as `print_http_body.rb`.
require 'webrick'
server = ARGV.first)
server.mount_proc '/' do |req, res|
puts req.body
trap 'INT' do server.shutdown end
Pick an unused port (e.g. 8000) and start the script: `ruby print_http_body.rb
8000`. Then add your server as a webhook receiver in GitLab as
When you press 'Test Hook' in GitLab, you should see something like this in the console.
localhost - - [14/May/2014:07:45:26 EDT] "POST / HTTP/1.1" 200 0
- -> /
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