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INSTALL_HEPTAPOD: documented conf for internal API calls from hg

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......@@ -123,6 +123,32 @@ installation details.
A simple way is to create a `heptapod.hgrc` file using the `%include` directive.
See the example in `$PY_HEPTAPOD/heptapod.example.hgrc`.
##### Heptapod >= 0.13: configuring Mercurial to notify the Rails application
Starting with Heptapod 0.13, Mercurial will send notifications about incoming
changesets directly.
For that to work, you need tell it where to find the `.gitlab_shell_secret`
file and configure the internal API address. This is done in the `[heptapod]`
section of your `heptapod.hgrc`:
* the default internal API URL is `http://localhost:8080`.
* the older `heptapod.gitlab-shell` setting is still supported to find
the `.gitlab_shell_secret` file
If you're upgrading from Heptapod 0.12 *and* the Rails application is binding
to `localhost:8080` (the default with unicorn) then the configuration should
be readily compatible.
### Internal Mercurial service
Repository content is exposed to GitLab through an internal HTTP service.
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