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Documentation for embedding Grafana live charts as images

Closes #66662

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![Embedded Metrics](img/embed_metrics.png)
### Embedding live Grafana charts
It is also possible to embed live [Grafana]( charts within issues, as a [Direct Linked Rendered Image](
The sharing dialog within Grafana provides the link, as highlighted below.
![Grafana Direct Linked Rendered Image](img/grafana_live_embed.png)
NOTE: **Note:**
For this embed to display correctly the Grafana instance must be available to the target user, either as a public dashboard or on the same network.
Copy the link and add an image tag as [inline HTML](../../ in your markdown. You may tweak the query parameters as required. For instance, removing the `&from=` and `&to=` parameters will give you a live chart. Here is example markup for a live chart from GitLab's public dashboard:
<img src=""/>
This will render like so:
<img src=""/>
## Troubleshooting
If the "No data found" screen continues to appear, it could be due to:
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