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## Manually clearing the Runners cache
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 10.4.
GitLab Runners use [cache](../yaml/ to speed up the execution
of your jobs by reusing existing data. This however, can sometimes lead to an
inconsistent behavior.
To start with a fresh copy of the cache, you can easily do it via GitLab's UI:
1. Navigate to your project's **CI/CD > Pipelines** page.
1. Click on the **Clear Runner caches** to clean up the cache.
1. On the next push, your CI/CD job will use a new cache.
That way, you don't have to change the [cache key](../yaml/
in your `.gitlab-ci.yml`.
Behind the scenes, this works by increasing a counter in the database, and the
value of that counter is used to create the key for the cache. After a push, a
new key is generated and the old cache is not valid anymore. Eventually, the
Runner's garbage collector will remove it form the filesystem.
## How shared Runners pick jobs ## How shared Runners pick jobs
Shared Runners abide to a process queue we call fair usage. The fair usage Shared Runners abide to a process queue we call fair usage. The fair usage
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