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Document the ee-files-location-check CI job

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......@@ -33,6 +33,40 @@ rest of the code should be as close to the CE files as possible.
[single code base]:
### Detection of EE-only files
For each commit (except on `master`), the `ee-files-location-check` CI job tries
to detect if there are any new files that are EE-only. If any file is detected,
the job fails with an explanation of why and what to do to make it pass.
Basically, the fix is simple: `git mv <file> ee/<file>`.
#### How to name your branches?
For any EE branch, the job will try to detect its CE counterpart by removing any
`ee-` prefix or `-ee` suffix from the EE branch name, and matching the last
branch that contains it.
For instance, from the EE branch `new-shiny-feature-ee` (or
`ee-new-shiny-feature`), the job would find the corresponding CE branches:
- `new-shiny-feature`
- `ce-new-shiny-feature`
- `new-shiny-feature-ce`
- `my-super-new-shiny-feature-in-ce`
#### Whitelist some EE-only files that cannot be moved to `ee/`
The `ee-files-location-check` CI job provides a whitelist of files or folders
that cannot or should not be moved to `ee/`. Feel free to open an issue to
discuss adding a new file/folder to this whitelist.
For instance, it was decided that moving EE-only files from `qa/` to `ee/qa/`
would make it difficult to build the `gitLab-{ce,ee}-qa` Docker images and it
was [not worth the complexity].
[not worth the complexity]:
### EE-only features
If the feature being developed is not present in any form in CE, we don't
......@@ -52,6 +86,11 @@ is applied not only to models. Here's a list of other examples:
- `ee/app/validators/foo_attr_validator.rb`
- `ee/app/workers/foo_worker.rb`
This works because for every path that are present in CE's eager-load/auto-load
paths, we add the same `ee/`-prepended path in [`config/application.rb`].
### EE features based on CE features
For features that build on existing CE features, write a module in the
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