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- Application name: This can be anything. Consider something like "\<Organization\>'s GitLab" or "\<Your Name\>'s GitLab" or something else descriptive.
- Homepage URL: The URL to your GitLab installation. ''
- Application description: Fill this in if you wish.
- Authorization callback URL: ''
- Authorization callback URL: ''
1. Select "Register application".
1. You should now see a Client ID and Client Secret near the top right of the page (see screenshot). Keep this page open as you continue configuration. ![GitHub app](github_app.png)

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If all items are green, then congratulations upgrade is complete!
### 8. GitHub settings (if applicable)
If you are using GitHub as an OAuth provider for authentication, you should change the callback url so that it
only contains a root url (ex. ``)
## Things went south? Revert to previous version (7.6)
### 1. Revert the code to the previous version
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