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......@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ hits. They are not always necessary, but very convenient.
If you are an expert in a particular area, it makes it easier to find issues to
work on. You can also subscribe to those labels to receive an email each time an
issue is labelled with a subject label corresponding to your expertise.
issue is labeled with a subject label corresponding to your expertise.
Examples of subject labels are ~wiki, ~"container registry", ~ldap, ~api,
~issues, ~"merge requests", ~labels, and ~"container registry".
......@@ -296,7 +296,24 @@ any potential community contributor to @-mention per above.
## Implement design & UI elements
Please see the [UX Guide for GitLab].
For guidance on UX implementation at GitLab, please refer to our [Design System](
The UX team uses labels to manage their workflow.
The ~"UX" label on an issue is a signal to the UX team that it will need UX attention.
To better understand the priority by which UX tackles issues, see the [UX section]( of the handbook.
Once an issue has been worked on and is ready for development, a UXer applies the ~"UX ready" label to that issue.
The UX team has a special type label called ~"design artifact". This label indicates that the final output
for an issue is a UX solution/design. The solution will be developed by frontend and/or backend in a subsequent milestone.
Any issue labeled ~"design artifact" should not also be labeled ~"frontend" or ~"backend" since no development is
needed until the solution has been decided.
~"design artifact" issues are like any other issue and should contain a milestone label, ~"Deliverable" or ~"Stretch", when scheduled in the current milestone.
Once the ~"design artifact" issue has been completed, the UXer removes the ~"design artifact" label and applies the ~"UX ready" label. The Product Manager can use the
existing issue or decide to create a whole new issue for the purpose of development.
## Issue tracker
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