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Commit 2208f4fa authored by Andreas Brandl's avatar Andreas Brandl
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Add another counter to calculate method call ratio

We should see the ratio drop down when enabling the Feature.

Recommendation by @andrewn
parent b7d76186f413
......@@ -33,6 +33,8 @@ module Routable
# Returns a single object, or nil.
def find_by_full_path(path, follow_redirects: false)
increment_counter(:routable_find_by_full_path, 'Number of calls to Routable.find_by_full_path')
if Feature.enabled?(:routable_two_step_lookup)
# Case sensitive match first (it's cheaper and the usual case)
# If we didn't have an exact match, we perform a case insensitive search
......@@ -59,7 +61,7 @@ def find_by_full_path(path, follow_redirects: false)
def where_full_path_in(paths)
return none if paths.empty?
increment_counter(:routable_where_full_path_in, 'Number of calls to Routable.where_full_path_in')
wheres = do |path|
"(LOWER(routes.path) = LOWER(#{connection.quote(path)}))"
......@@ -68,11 +70,11 @@ def where_full_path_in(paths)
joins(:route).where(wheres.join(' OR '))
# Temporary instrumentation of method calls for .where_full_path_in
def increment_full_path_in_counter
@counter ||= Gitlab::Metrics.counter(:routable_caseinsensitive_lookup_calls, 'Number of calls to Routable.where_full_path_in')
# Temporary instrumentation of method calls
def increment_counter(counter, description)
@counters[counter] ||= Gitlab::Metrics.counter(counter, description)
# ignore the error
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