Commit 231ee19c authored by Douwe Maan's avatar Douwe Maan
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Merge branch 'krb_auth_helper_ce' into 'master'

Remove 'kerberos' from auth_helper.rb for gitlab-CE.

There is no Kerberos auth in gitlab-ce, so it shouldn't be noted
as a form-driven auth mechanism in app/helpers/auth_helper.rb.
This breaks using Kerberos as a custom omniauth provider.
See issue #2510 (

@DouweM suggested I send in this merge request.

See merge request !1430
module AuthHelper
PROVIDERS_WITH_ICONS = %w(twitter github gitlab bitbucket google_oauth2).freeze
FORM_BASED_PROVIDERS = [/\Aldap/, 'kerberos', 'crowd'].freeze
FORM_BASED_PROVIDERS = [/\Aldap/, 'crowd'].freeze
def ldap_enabled?
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