Commit 24290d5d authored by Winnie Hellmann's avatar Winnie Hellmann Committed by Tiago
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Merge branch 'fix/sm/fix-condeclimate-version' into 'master'

Set 0.69.0 instead of latest for codeclimate image

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!15445

(cherry picked from commit 10c216dabb44605d5e8711a0158e3087289e8889)

06c9327c Set 0.69.0 instead of latest for codeclimate image
parent 125b4099cf36
......@@ -581,7 +581,7 @@ codequality:
- cp .rubocop.yml .rubocop.yml.bak
- grep -v "rubocop-gitlab-security" .rubocop.yml.bak > .rubocop.yml
- docker run --env CODECLIMATE_CODE="$PWD" --volume "$PWD":/code --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --volume /tmp/cc:/tmp/cc codeclimate/codeclimate analyze -f json > raw_codeclimate.json
- docker run --env CODECLIMATE_CODE="$PWD" --volume "$PWD":/code --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --volume /tmp/cc:/tmp/cc codeclimate/codeclimate:0.69.0 analyze -f json > raw_codeclimate.json
- cat raw_codeclimate.json | docker run -i stedolan/jq -c 'map({check_name,fingerprint,location})' > codeclimate.json
- mv .rubocop.yml.bak .rubocop.yml
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