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Backport documentation for semi-linear history

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......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ With GitLab merge requests, you can:
- Add a time estimation and the time spent with that merge request with [Time Tracking](../../../workflow/time_tracking.html#time-tracking)
- [Resolve merge conflicts from the UI](#resolve-conflicts)
- Enable [fast-forward merge requests](#fast-forward-merge-requests)
- Enable [semi-linear history merge requests](#semi-linear-history-merge-requests) as another security layer to guarantee the pipeline is passing in the target branch
With **[GitLab Enterprise Edition][ee]**, you can also:
......@@ -90,6 +91,17 @@ in a merged merge requests or a commit.
[Learn more about cherry-picking changes.](
## Semi-linear history merge requests
> Included in [GitLab Enterprise Edition Starter][products].
A merge commit is created for every merge, but the branch is only merged if
a fast-forward merge is possible. This ensures that if the merge request build
succeeded, the target branch build will also succeed after merging.
Navigate to a project's settings, select the **Merge commit with semi-linear
history** option under **Merge Requests: Merge method** and save your changes.
## Fast-forward merge requests
If you prefer a linear Git history and a way to accept merge requests without
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