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# Cycle Analytics
> - [Introduced]( at a group level in [GitLab Premium and Silver]( 12.2 (enabled by feature flag `analytics`).
Cycle Analytics measures the time spent to go from an [idea to production] - also known
as cycle time - for each of your projects. Cycle Analytics displays the median time for an idea to
reach production, along with the time typically spent in each DevOps stage along the way.
......@@ -13,10 +15,16 @@ calculates a separate median for each stage.
## Overview
You can find the Cycle Analytics page under your project's **Project ➔ Cycle
Analytics** tab.
Cycle Analytics are available at a:
- Group level from the top navigation bar **Analytics > Cycle Analytics**. **(PREMIUM)**
In the future, multiple groups will be selectable which will effectively make this an
instance-level feature.
- Project level from a project's **Project > Cycle Analytics**.
![Cycle Analytics landing page](img/cycle_analytics_landing_page.png)
![Cycle Analytics landing page](img/cycle_analytics_landing_page.png)
There are seven stages that are tracked as part of the Cycle Analytics calculations.
......@@ -134,7 +142,7 @@ A few notes:
## Permissions
The current permissions on the Cycle Analytics dashboard are:
The current permissions on the Project Cycle Analytics dashboard are:
- Public projects - anyone can access
- Internal projects - any authenticated user can access
......@@ -142,6 +150,18 @@ The current permissions on the Cycle Analytics dashboard are:
You can [read more about permissions][permissions] in general.
NOTE: **Note:**
As of GitLab 12.2, the project-level page is deprecated. You should access
project-level Cycle Analytics from **Analytics > Cycle Analytics** in the top
navigation bar. We will ensure that the same project-level functionality is available
to CE users in the new analytics space.
For Cycle Analytics functionality introduced in GitLab 12.2 and later:
- Users must have Reporter access or above.
- Features are available only on
[Premium or Silver tiers]( and above.
## More resources
Learn more about Cycle Analytics in the following resources:
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