Commit 313e0759 authored by Fatih Acet's avatar Fatih Acet
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Merge branch 'axios-find-file' into 'master'

Replace $.ajax in find file with axios

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!16841
/* eslint-disable func-names, space-before-function-paren, no-var, prefer-rest-params, wrap-iife, quotes, consistent-return, one-var, one-var-declaration-per-line, no-cond-assign, max-len, object-shorthand, no-param-reassign, comma-dangle, prefer-template, no-unused-vars, no-return-assign */
import fuzzaldrinPlus from 'fuzzaldrin-plus';
import axios from '~/lib/utils/axios_utils';
import flash from '~/flash';
import { __ } from '~/locale';
// highlight text(awefwbwgtc -> <b>a</b>wefw<b>b</b>wgt<b>c</b> )
const highlighter = function(element, text, matches) {
......@@ -72,19 +75,14 @@ export default class ProjectFindFile {
// files pathes load
load(url) {
return $.ajax({
url: url,
method: "get",
dataType: "json",
success: (function(_this) {
return function(data) {
_this.filePaths = data;
return _this.element.find(".files-slider tr.tree-item").eq(0).addClass("selected").focus();
.then(({ data }) => {
this.filePaths = data;
this.element.find('.files-slider tr.tree-item').eq(0).addClass('selected').focus();
.catch(() => flash(__('An error occurred while loading filenames')));
// render result
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