This instance will be upgraded to Heptapod 0.25.0 (final) on 2021-09-22 at 15:00 UTC+2 (a few minutes of down time)

Commit 32cb84aa authored by Georges Racinet's avatar Georges Racinet 🦑
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backups: failing to backup config/cache would abort everything

The logged cmd was just not defined.

Changeset made so that diff is minimal to minimize last-minute
error. Will have to be reindented.

branch : heptapod-0-12
parent b2ddbc91523f
......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@ Please read migration instructions in the
### Heptapod 0.12.4 (2020-05-19)
- In some cases, failing to backup a single repository could abort the
whole process
- heptapod#260: pipelines weren't created for new tags, and stale view of
tag names from the web app.
- heptapod#126: default GitLab branch can't be a topic any more unless there
......@@ -92,15 +92,15 @@ def backup_project_hg_git(project)
# Backup the hg config and necessary caches
# In Heptapod 0.12, we don't need to backup the `.hg/git`,
output, status = Gitlab::Popen.popen(
cmd = ['tar',
'-cf', path_to_hg_tars(project, "config-and-cache"),
'-C', path_to_hg_repo,
output, status = Gitlab::Popen.popen(cmd)
progress_warn(project, cmd.join(' '), output) unless
# Backup the hg repository itself
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