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Commit 35d9ec78 authored by Sean McGivern's avatar Sean McGivern
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Clarify usage ping wording in admin area

parent 9e13ebf94aff
......@@ -666,15 +666,15 @@
= f.label :usage_ping_enabled do
= f.check_box :usage_ping_enabled, disabled: !can_be_configured
Usage ping enabled
= link_to icon('question-circle'), help_page_path("user/admin_area/settings/usage_statistics", anchor: "usage-ping")
Enable usage ping
- if can_be_configured
Every week GitLab will report license usage back to GitLab, Inc.
Disable this option if you do not want this to occur. To see the
JSON payload that will be sent, visit the
= succeed '.' do
= link_to "Cohorts page", admin_cohorts_path(anchor: 'usage-ping')
To help improve GitLab and its user experience, GitLab will
periodically collect usage information.
= link_to 'Learn more', help_page_path("user/admin_area/settings/usage_statistics", anchor: "usage-ping")
about what information is shared with GitLab Inc. Visit
= link_to 'Cohorts', admin_cohorts_path(anchor: 'usage-ping')
to see the JSON payload sent.
- else
The usage ping is disabled, and cannot be configured through this
form. For more information, see the documentation on
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