Commit 3865a1d9 authored by Jeroen van Baarsen's avatar Jeroen van Baarsen
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Allow special characters in users bio

**What does this do?**
It removes the very strict sanitation on the users bio field, so that people can
have a bio like "I <3 GitLab"

**Why is this needed?**
Currently when you enter a bio with "I <3 GitLab", we only store "I ". This is
unexpected behaviour, since we want users to have a normal profile, without
having to worry what characters are allowed and which are not.

**Related issues:**

Signed-off-by: default avatarJeroen van Baarsen <>
parent 39bd559ad0f3
......@@ -37,6 +37,9 @@ v 7.11.1
v 7.11.0
- Fall back to Plaintext when Syntaxhighlighting doesn't work. Fixes some buggy lexers (Hannes Rosenögger)
- Get editing comments to work in Chrome 43 again.
- Allow special character in users bio. I.e.: I <3 GitLab
v 7.11.0 (unreleased)
- Fix broken view when viewing history of a file that includes a path that used to be another file (Stan Hu)
- Don't show duplicate deploy keys
- Fix commit time being displayed in the wrong timezone in some cases (Hannes Rosenögger)
......@@ -483,7 +483,7 @@ def created_by
def sanitize_attrs
%w(name username skype linkedin twitter bio).each do |attr|
%w(name username skype linkedin twitter).each do |attr|
value = self.send(attr)
self.send("#{attr}=", Sanitize.clean(value)) if value.present?
......@@ -7,21 +7,23 @@ class Spinach::Features::Profile < Spinach::FeatureSteps
step 'I change my profile info' do
fill_in "user_skype", with: "testskype"
fill_in "user_linkedin", with: "testlinkedin"
fill_in "user_twitter", with: "testtwitter"
fill_in "user_website_url", with: "testurl"
fill_in "user_location", with: "Ukraine"
click_button "Save changes"
fill_in 'user_skype', with: 'testskype'
fill_in 'user_linkedin', with: 'testlinkedin'
fill_in 'user_twitter', with: 'testtwitter'
fill_in 'user_website_url', with: 'testurl'
fill_in 'user_location', with: 'Ukraine'
fill_in 'user_bio', with: 'I <3 GitLab'
click_button 'Save changes'
step 'I should see new profile info' do == 'testskype'
@user.linkedin.should == 'testlinkedin'
@user.twitter.should == 'testtwitter'
@user.website_url.should == 'testurl'
find("#user_location").value.should == "Ukraine"
expect( eq 'testskype'
expect(@user.linkedin).to eq 'testlinkedin'
expect(@user.twitter).to eq 'testtwitter'
expect(@user.website_url).to eq 'testurl'
expect( eq 'I <3 GitLab'
find('#user_location').value.should == 'Ukraine'
step 'I change my avatar' do
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