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8. Reply by email should now be working.
Note: If you're running GitLab in development mode and using `foreman`, make sure to also uncomment the `mail_room` line in your `Procfile`.
### Omnibus package installations
### Development
1. Go to the GitLab installation directory.
1. Find the `reply_by_email` section in `config/gitlab.yml`, enable the feature and enter the email address including a placeholder for the `reply_key`:
enabled: true
address: "gitlab-replies+%{reply_key}"
As mentioned, the part after `+` is ignored, and this will end up in the mailbox for ``.
2. Find `config/mail_room.yml.example` and copy it to `config/mail_room.yml`:
sudo cp config/mail_room.yml.example config/mail_room.yml
3. Uncomment the configuration options in `config/mail_room.yml` and fill in the details for your specific IMAP server and email account:
# IMAP server host
:host: ""
# IMAP server port
:port: 993
# Whether the IMAP server uses SSL
:ssl: true
# Email account username. Usually the full email address.
:email: ""
# Email account password
:password: "[REDACTED]"
# The name of the mailbox where incoming mail will end up. Usually "inbox".
:name: "inbox"
# Always "sidekiq".
:delivery_method: sidekiq
# The URL to the Redis server used by Sidekiq. Should match the URL in config/resque.yml.
:redis_url: redis://localhost:6379
# Always "resque:gitlab".
:namespace: resque:gitlab
# Always "incoming_email".
:queue: incoming_email
# Always "EmailReceiverWorker"
:worker: EmailReceiverWorker
4. Uncomment the `mail_room` line in your `Procfile`:
mail_room: bundle exec mail_room -q -c config/mail_room.yml
6. Restart GitLab:
bundle exec foreman start
7. Check if everything is configured correctly:
bundle exec rake gitlab:reply_by_email:check RAILS_ENV=development
8. Reply by email should now be working.
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