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Add docs for backing up to Google Cloud Storage

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sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake gitlab:backup:create SKIP=db,uploads RAILS_ENV=production
#### Using Google Cloud Storage
If you want to use Google Cloud Storage to save backups, go to the storage
settings page, select "Interoperability" and create an access key there.
Copy "Access Key" and "Secret", fill the configurations in
gitlab_rails['backup_upload_connection'] = {
'provider' => 'Google',
'google_storage_access_key_id' => 'Access Key',
'google_storage_secret_access_key' => 'Secret'
gitlab_rails['backup_upload_remote_directory'] = ''
Make sure you have project and bucket setting up correctly, and run
`sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure` after making the changes.
### Uploading backups to a remote (cloud) storage
Starting with GitLab 7.4 you can let the backup script upload the '.tar' file it creates.
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