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Include default credentials in the readme and make all headers the same.

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......@@ -52,17 +52,18 @@ On []( you can find more information a
Please see [the installation page on the GitLab website]( for the various options.
Since a manual installation is a lot of work and error prone we strongly recommend the fast and reliable [Omnibus package installation]( (deb/rpm).
You can access new installation with the login `root` and password `5iveL!fe`, after login you are required to set a unique password.
## Third-party applications
There are a lot of applications and API wrappers for GitLab.
Find them [on our website](
### New versions
## New versions
Since 2011 a minor or major version of GitLab is released on the 22nd of every month. Patch and security releases come out when needed. New features are detailed on the [blog]( and in the [changelog](CHANGELOG). For more information about the release process see the release [documentation]( Features that will likely be in the next releases can be found on the [feature request forum]( with the status [started]( and [completed](
### Upgrading
## Upgrading
For updating the the Omnibus installation please see the [update documentation]( For manual installations there is an [upgrader script](doc/update/ and there are [upgrade guides](doc/update).
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