Commit 4257b9a3 authored by Nick Thomas's avatar Nick Thomas Committed by Mayra Cabrera
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Fix the project auto devops API

If `project_auto_devops.enabled` is nil for a project, when setting any
auto devops values via the API, we try to create a new row in the DB,
instead of re-using the existing one. This leads to the project_id
being set to nil, and the database `NOT NULL` constraint leading to a
500 response.

This commit resolves the issue by correctly detecting the presence of a
ProjectAutoDevops row and re-using it. Persistence is also moved away
from explicit `update!` calls and into relying on `autosave: true` on
the model.
parent dab600ceadec
...@@ -9,12 +9,10 @@ def build_git_strategy=(value) ...@@ -9,12 +9,10 @@ def build_git_strategy=(value)
end end
def auto_devops_enabled=(value) def auto_devops_enabled=(value)
self.build_auto_devops if self.auto_devops&.enabled.nil? (auto_devops || build_auto_devops).enabled = value
self.auto_devops.update! enabled: value
end end
def auto_devops_deploy_strategy=(value) def auto_devops_deploy_strategy=(value)
self.build_auto_devops if self.auto_devops&.enabled.nil? (auto_devops || build_auto_devops).deploy_strategy = value
self.auto_devops.update! deploy_strategy: value
end end
end end
...@@ -277,7 +277,7 @@ class Project < ApplicationRecord ...@@ -277,7 +277,7 @@ class Project < ApplicationRecord
has_many :project_deploy_tokens has_many :project_deploy_tokens
has_many :deploy_tokens, through: :project_deploy_tokens has_many :deploy_tokens, through: :project_deploy_tokens
has_one :auto_devops, class_name: 'ProjectAutoDevops' has_one :auto_devops, class_name: 'ProjectAutoDevops', inverse_of: :project, autosave: true
has_many :custom_attributes, class_name: 'ProjectCustomAttribute' has_many :custom_attributes, class_name: 'ProjectCustomAttribute'
has_many :project_badges, class_name: 'ProjectBadge' has_many :project_badges, class_name: 'ProjectBadge'
...@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ class ProjectAutoDevops < ApplicationRecord ...@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ class ProjectAutoDevops < ApplicationRecord
ignore_column :domain ignore_column :domain
belongs_to :project belongs_to :project, inverse_of: :auto_devops
enum deploy_strategy: { enum deploy_strategy: {
continuous: 0, continuous: 0,
title: Fix the project auto devops API
merge_request: 30946
type: fixed
...@@ -16,23 +16,44 @@ ...@@ -16,23 +16,44 @@
expect(project.build_allow_git_fetch).to eq(false) expect(project.build_allow_git_fetch).to eq(false)
end end
# auto_devops_enabled describe '#auto_devops_enabled' do
it "converts auto_devops_enabled=false to auto_devops_enabled?=false" do where(
expect(project.auto_devops_enabled?).to eq(true) initial: [:missing, nil, false, true],
project.update!(auto_devops_enabled: false) final: [nil, false, true]
expect(project.auto_devops_enabled?).to eq(false) )
with_them do
before do
project.build_auto_devops(enabled: initial) unless initial == :missing
# Implicit auto devops when enabled is nil
let(:expected) { final.nil? ? true : final }
it 'sets the correct value' do
project.update!(auto_devops_enabled: final)
it "converts auto_devops_enabled=true to auto_devops_enabled?=true" do expect(project.auto_devops_enabled?).to eq(expected)
expect(project.auto_devops_enabled?).to eq(true) end
project.update!(auto_devops_enabled: true) end
expect(project.auto_devops_enabled?).to eq(true)
end end
# auto_devops_deploy_strategy describe '#auto_devops_deploy_strategy' do
it "converts auto_devops_deploy_strategy=timed_incremental to auto_devops.deploy_strategy=timed_incremental" do where(
expect(project.auto_devops).to be_nil initial: [:missing, *ProjectAutoDevops.deploy_strategies.keys],
project.update!(auto_devops_deploy_strategy: 'timed_incremental') final: ProjectAutoDevops.deploy_strategies.keys
expect(project.auto_devops.deploy_strategy).to eq('timed_incremental') )
with_them do
before do
project.build_auto_devops(deploy_strategy: initial) unless initial == :missing
it 'sets the correct value' do
project.update!(auto_devops_deploy_strategy: final)
expect(project.auto_devops.deploy_strategy).to eq(final)
end end
end end
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