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......@@ -31,6 +31,18 @@ It's also possible for different migrations to be executed at the same time.
This means that different background migrations should not migrate data in a
way that would cause conflicts.
## Idempotence
Background migrations are executed in a context of a Sidekiq process.
Usual Sidekiq rules apply, especially the rule that jobs should be small
and idempotent.
See [Sidekiq best practices guidelines](
for more details.
Make sure that in case that your migration job is going to be retried data
integrity is guarateed.
## How It Works
Background migrations are simple classes that define a `perform` method. A
......@@ -212,3 +224,27 @@ end
This migration will then process any jobs for the ExtractServicesUrl migration
and continue once all jobs have been processed. Once done you can safely remove
the `` column.
## Testing
It is required to write tests for background migrations' scheduling migration
(either a regular migration or a post deployment migration), background
migration itself and a cleanup migration. You can use the `:migration` RSpec
tag when testing a regular / post deployment migration.
See [README][migrations-readme].
When you do that, keep in mind that `before` and `after` RSpec hooks are going
to migrate you database down and up, which can result in other background
migrations being called. That means that using `spy` test doubles with
`have_received` is encouraged, instead of using regular test doubles, because
your expectations defined in a `it` block can conflict with what is being
called in RSpec hooks. See [gitlab-org/gitlab-ce#35351][issue-rspec-hooks]
for more details.
## Best practices
1. Make sure that background migration jobs are idempotent.
1. Make sure that tests you write are not false positives.
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