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documentation](doc/development/ for instructions on adding your own
## 12.10.0 (2020-04-15)
### Removed (3 changes)
- Revert LDAP readonly attributes feature. !28541
- Remove deprecated /ci/lint page. !28562
- Remove open in file view link from Web IDE. !28705
### Fixed (111 changes, 24 of them are from the community)
- Return 202 for command only notes in REST API. !19624
- Run SAST using awk to pass env variables directly to docker without creating .env file. !21174 (Florian Gaultier)
- #42671: Project and group storage statistics now support values up to 8 PiB (up from 4GiB)
. !23131 (Matthias van de Meent)
- Fix 500 error on profile/chat_names for deleted projects. !24341
- Migrate the database to activate projects prometheus service integration for projects with prometheus installed on shared k8s cluster. !24684
- Fix archived corrupted projects not displaying in admin. !25171 (erickcspice)
- Fix some Web IDE bugs with empty projects. !25463
- Fix failing ci variable e2e test. !25924
- Fix new file not being created in non-ascii character folders. !26165
- Validate uniqueness of project_id and type when a new project service is created. !26308
- Fix not working File upload from Project overview page. !26828 (Gilang Gumilar)
- Fix assignee dropdown on new issue page. !26971
- Resolve Unable to expand multiple downstream pipelines. !27029
- Hide admin user actions for ghost and bot users. !27162
- Fix invalid ancestor group milestones when moving projects. !27262
- Fix right sidebar when scrollbars are always visible. !27314 (Shawn @CasualBot)
- Fix OpenAPI file detector. !27321 (Roger Meier)
- Fix managed_free_namespaces scope to only groups without a license or a free license. !27356
- Set commit status to failed if the TeamCity connection is refused. !27395
- Resolve Improve format support message in issue design. !27409
- Add tooltips with full path to file headers on file tree. !27437
- Scope WAF Statistics anomalies to environment.external_url. !27466
- Show the proper information in snippet edit form. !27479
- Fixes the repository Vue router not working with Chinese characters. !27494
- Fix smartcard config initialization. !27560
- Fix filtered search tokenization. !27648
- Fix processing of GrapqhQL query complexity based on used resolvers. !27652
- Update board scopes when promoting a label. !27662
- Reuse default generated snippet file name in repository. !27673
- Revert user bio back to non-italicized font to fix rendering of emojis. !27693
- Filter out Releases with missing tags. !27716
- Update detected languages for dependency scanning in no dind mode. !27723
- Fix logic for ingress can_uninstall?. !27729
- Amend GraphQL merge requests resolver to check for project presence. !27783
- Fix bug issue template handling of markdown. !27808 (Lee Tickett)
- Update discord notifications to be a single embed and include log messages. !27812 (Sam Bingner)
- Update detected languages for sast in no dind mode. !27831
- Fix bug inviting members whose emails start with numbers. !27848 (Lee Tickett)
- Allow self monitoring project to query internal Prometheus even when "Allow local requests in webhooks and services" setting is false. !27865
- Add missing docstring to Prometheus metric. !27868
- Resolve Snippet creation failure bug. !27891
- Fix optional params for deploy token API. !27961 (Nejc Habjan)
- Fix bug tracking snippet shard name. !27979
- Add `discussion_locked` to Webhook. !28018
- Fix invalid class option for ionice. !28023
- Improve SAST NO_DIND file detection with proper boundary conditions. !28036
- Detect skipped specs in JUnit reports and set TestCase status. !28053
- Allow 0 for pages size limit setting in admin settings. !28086
- Fix wrong colors displayed in charts. !28095
- Fix incorrect content returned on empty dotfile. !28144
- Include LDAP UID attribute in default attributes for all LDAP lookups. !28148
- Fix deploy token API to properly delete all associated deploy token records. !28156
- Fix Gitlab::Auth to handle orphaned oauth tokens. !28159
- Protect sidekiq admin UI with admin mode. !28164 (Diego Louzán)
- Resolve Snippet actions with binary data. !28191
- Make all HTTPS cookies set SameSite to none. !28205
- Don't send 'accept-encoding' in HttpIO requests. !28239
- Gracefully handle missing latest CI pipeline. !28263
- Fix name of approvals column in merge requests. !28274 (Steffen Köhler)
- Add management_project_id to group and project cluster creation, clarifies docs. !28289
- Check first if feature flag version_snippet is enabled. !28352
- Fix single stat panel percentile format support. !28365
- Use CTE optimization for searching board issues. !28430
- Fix missing synthetic milestone change notes for disabled milestone change event tracking feature flag. !28440
- Fix Releases page for Guest users of private projects. !28447
- Prevent ProjectUpdateRepositoryStorageWorker from moving to same filesystem. !28469
- Return error message for create_merge_request. !28482
- Fix storage rollback regression caused by previous refactor. !28496
- Include MR times in Milestone time overview. !28519 (Bob van de Vijver)
- Fix daily report result to use average of coverage values if there are multiple builds for a given group name. !28556
- Token creation uses HTTP status CREATED. !28587
- Allow award emoji same name & user duplicates when Importing. !28588
- Fix pagination in Merge Request GraphQL api. !28667 (briankabiro)
- Remove duplicate spec in web hook service spec. !28669 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Fix GraphQL SnippetType repo urls. !28673
- Fix incorrect regex used in FileUploader#extract_dynamic_path. !28683
- Update duplicate specs in notification service spec. !28742 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Fix styling of MR dropdown in Web IDE. !28746
- Better error message when importing a Github project and Github API rate limit is exceeded. !28785
- Prevent false positives in Ci::Pipeline#all_merge_requests. !28800
- Enable toggle all discussions button for logged out users. !28809 (Diego Louzán)
- Fix display of PyCharm generated Jupyter notebooks. !28810 (Jan Beckmann)
- Resolve Snippet update error with version flag disabled. !28815
- Show multimetric embeds on a single chart. !28841
- Fix race condition updating snippet without repository. !28851
- Normalize signature mime types when filtering attachments in emails. !28865 (Diego Louzán)
- Add autostop check to folder table. !28937
- Use NOT VALID to enforce a NOT NULL constraint on file_store to ci_job_artifacts, lfs_objects and uploads tables. !28946
- Fix 500 error on create release API when providing an invalid tag_name. !28969 (Sashi Kumar)
- Fix missing group icons on profile page when screen < 576px. !28973
- Stringify Sidekiq job args in exception logs. !28996
- Fully qualify id columns for keyset pagination (Projects API). !29026
- Ensure members are always added on Project Import when importing as admin. !29046
- Elasticsearch recommendation alert does not appears while screen is loaded. !29097
- Fix Slack notifications when upgrading from old GitLab versions. !29111
- Prevent wrong environment being used when processing Prometheus alert. !29119
- Exclude 'trial_ends_on', 'shared_runners_minutes_limit' & 'extra_shared_runners_minutes_limit' from list of exported Group attributes. !29259
- Group level container registry show subgroups repos. !29263
- Move prepend to last line in finders files. !29274 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Remove 'error' from diff note error message. !29281
- Migrate legacy uploads out of deprecated paths. !29295
- Move prepend to last line in commit status presenter. !29328 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Move prepend to last line in app serializers. !29332 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Move prepend to last line in app workers and uploaders. !29379 (Rajendra Kadam)
- fix: Publish toolbar dissappears when submitting empty content. !29410
- Replace deprecated GlLoadingIcon sizes. !29417
- Fix Web IDE not showing diff when opening commit tab. !29439
- Use music icon for files with .ogg extension. !29514
- Fix dashboard processing error which prevented dashboards with unknown attributes inside panels from being displayed. !29517
- Fixed whitespace toggle not showing the correct diff.
- Fixed upload file creating a file in the wrong directory.
### Deprecated (1 change)
- Deprecate 'token' attribute from Runners API. !29481
### Changed (48 changes, 7 of them are from the community)
- Only enable searching of projects by full path / name on certain dropdowns. !21910
- Support wiki events in activity streams. !23869
- Fix for issue 26426: Details of runners of nested groups of an owned group are now available for users with enough permissions. !24169 (
- Rename "Project Services" to "Integrations" in frontend and docs. !26244
- Support multiple Evidences for a Release. !26509
- Move some global routes to - scope. !27106
- Only display mirrored URL to users who can manage Repository settings. !27166
- Disable lookup of other ActiveSessions to determine admin mode status. !27318 (Diego Louzán)
- Extract X509::Signature from X509::Commit. !27327 (Roger Meier)
- Show user statistics in admin area also in CE, and use daily generated data for these statistics. !27345
- Update aws-ecs image location in CI template. !27382
- Update More Pages button on Wiki Page. !27499
- Update ApplicationLimits to prefer defaults. !27574
- Allow external diff files to be removed. !27602
- Add atomic and cleanup-on-fail parameters for Helm. !27721
- Change the url when the timeslider changes. !27726
- Add column and migrate data from !27773
- WAF settings will be read-only if there is a new version of ingress available. !27845
- Add an helper to check if a notification_event is enabled. !27880 (Jacopo Beschi @jacopo-beschi)
- Ensure freshness of settings with snippet creation. !27897
- Update copies in Admin Panel > Repository Storage section. !27986
- Add event tracking to Container regstry quickstart. !27990
- Render snippet repository blobs. !28085
- Accept `author_username` as a param in Merge Requests API. !28100
- Use rich icons for thw rows on the file tree. !28112
- Renamed Contribution Charts as Repository Analytics. !28162
- Move Alerting feature to Core. !28196
- Add file-based pipeline conditions to default Auto DevOps CI template. !28242
- Make pipeline info in chat notifications concise. !28284
- Use different approval icon if current user approved. !28290 (Steffen Köhler)
- Remove repeated examples in user model specs. !28450 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Show only active environments in monitoring dropdown. !28456
- Enable container expiration policies by default for new projects. !28480
- Show snippet error update to the user. !28516
- Move 'Additional Metrics' feature to GitLab Core. !28527
- Add ability to search by environment state in environments GraphQL API. !28567
- Add correlation_id to project_mirror_data, expose in /import API endpoints. !28662
- Add status column to container_registry. !28682
- Cleanup the descriptions of some fields of GraphQL ProjectType. !28735
- Remove duplicate show spec in admin routing. !28790 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Add grab cursor for operations dashboard cards. !28868
- Update copy when snippet git feature disabled. !28913
- Update informational text on Edit Release page. !28938
- Add support for dot (.) in variables masking. !29022
- Update Auto DevOps docker version to 19.03.8. !29081
- Make search redaction more robust. !29166
- Adjust label title applied to issues on import from Jira. !29246
- Increase the timing of polling for the merge request widget.
### Performance (42 changes)
- Limits issues displayed on milestones. !23102
- Optimize suggestions counters. !26443
- Prefetch DNS for asset host. !26868
- Move bots functionality to user_type column. !26981
- Optimize projects_service_active queries performance in usage data. !27093
- Optimize projects_mirrored_with_pipelines_enabled query performance in usage data. !27110
- Optimize ldap keys counters query performance in usage data. !27309
- Enable Workhorse upload acceleration for Project Import uploads via UI. !27332
- Cache ES enabled namespaces and projects. !27348
- Optimize template_repositories query by using batch counting. !27352
- Reduce SQL queries when rendering webhook settings. !27359
- Reduce number of SQL queries for service templates. !27396
- Improve Advanced global search performance by using routing. !27398
- Improve performance of the container repository cleanup tags service. !27441
- Optimize usage ping queries by using batch counting. !27455
- Fix redundant query execution when loading board issues. !27505
- Optimize projects_enforcing_code_owner_approval counter query performance for usage ping. !27526
- Optimize projects_reporting_ci_cd_back_to_github query performance for usage data. !27533
- Optimize service desk enabled projects counter. !27589
- Improve pagination in discussions API. !27697
- Improve API response for archived project searchs. !27717
- Optimize ci builds counters in usage data. !27770
- Enable streaming serializer feature flag by default. !27813
- Harden jira usage data. !27973
- Create merge request pipelines in background jobs. !28024
- Optimize ci builds non distinct counters in usage data. !28027
- Remove feature flag 'export_fast_serialize' and 'export_fast_serialize_with_raw_json'. !28037
- Improve API response for descending internal project searches. !28038
- Make Rails.cache and Gitlab::Redis::Cache share the same Redis connection pool. !28074
- Introduce rate limit for creating issues via web UI. !28129
- Introduce rate limit for creating issues via API. !28130
- Remove unnecessary index index_ci_builds_on_name_for_security_reports_values. !28224
- Disallow distinct count for regular batch count. !28518
- Resolve an N+1 in merge request CI variables. !28688
- Use faster streaming serializer for project exports. !28925
- Add index for created_at of resource_milestone_events. !28929
- Optimize issues with embedded grafana charts usage counter. !28936
- Avoid scheduling duplicate sidekiq jobs. !29116
- Optimize projects with repositories enabled usage data. !29117
- Use diff-stats for calculating raw diffs modified paths. !29134
- Optimize protected branches usage data. !29148
- Add index on users.unlock_token. !276298
### Added (118 changes, 32 of them are from the community)
- New package list is enabled which includes filtering by type. !18860
- Create a rake task to cleanup unused LFS files. !21747
- Support Asciidoc docname attribute. !22313 (Jouke Witteveen)
- Adds features to delete stopped environments. !22629
- Highlight line which includes search term is code search results. !22914 (Alex Terekhov (terales))
- Allow embedded metrics charts to be hidden. !23929
- Add toggle all discussions button to MRs. !24670 (Martin Hobert & Diego Louzán)
- Store daily code coverages into ci_daily_report_results table. !24695
- Add cluster management project template. !25318
- Add limit metric to lists. !25532
- Add support for Okta as a SCIM provider. !25649
- Add grape custom validator for git reference params. !26102 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Add healthy column to clusters_applications_prometheus table. !26168
- Add API endpoint to list runners for a group. !26328
- Add unlock_membership_to_ldap boolean to Groups. !26474
- Adds wiki metadata models. !26529
- Create model to store Terraform state files. !26619
- Improve logs dropdown with more clear labels. !26635
- Add all pods view to logs explorer. !26883
- Populate user_highest_roles table. !27127
- Add option for switching between blocking and logging for WAF. !27133
- Add bar chart support to monitoring dashboard. !27155
- Start merge request for custom dashboard if new branch is provided. !27189
- Update user's highest role to keep the users statistics up to date. !27231
- Make "Value Stream" the default page that appears when clicking the project-level "Analytics" sidebar item. !27279 (Gilang Gumilar)
- Add metric to derive new users count. !27351
- Display cluster type in cluster info page. !27366
- Improve logs filters on mobile, simplify kubernetes API logs filters. !27484
- Adds branch information to the package details title section. !27488
- Add forking_access_level to projects API. !27514 (Mathieu Parent)
- Add a DB column to track external issue and epic ids when importing from external sources. !27522
- Added Edit Title shared component. !27582
- Add metrics dashboard annotation model, relation, policy, create and delete services. To provide interface for create and delete operations. !27583
- Adds filter by name to the packages list. !27586
- Allow querying of Jira imports and their status via GraphQL. !27587
- Update Gitaly to 12.9.0-rc5. !27631
- Add filtered search for elastic search in logs. !27654
- Add cost factor fields to ci runners. !27666
- Add auto_ssl_failed to pages_domains. !27671
- Allow to start Jira import through graphql mutation. !27684
- Add terraform report to merge request widget. !27700
- Read metadata from Wiki front-matter. !27706
- Support custom graceful timeout for Sidekiq Cluster processes. !27710
- Show storage size on project page. !27724 (Roger Meier)
- Upload a design by copy/pasting the file into the Design Tab. !27776
- Update Active checkbox component to use toggle. !27778
- Add namespace_storage_size_limit to application settings. !27786
- Add issues to graphQL group endpoint. !27789
- Enable container registry at the group level. !27814
- Expose created_at property in Groups API. !27824
- Add an endpoint to allow group admin users to purge the dependency proxy for a group. !27843
- Filter health endpoint metrics. !27847
- Add support for system note metadata in project Import/Export. !27853 (Melvin Vermeeren)
- Add daily job to create users statistics. !27883
- Add DS_REMEDIATE env var to dependency scanning template. !27947
- Add Swift Dockerfile to GitLab templates. !28035
- Update user's highest role to keep the users statistics up to date. !28087
- Add jira_imports table to track current jira import progress as well as historical imports data. !28108
- Add initial support for Cloud Native Buildpacks in Auto DevOps builds. !28165
- Add app server type to usage ping. !28189
- Add last_activity_before and last_activity_after filter to /api/projects endpoint. !28221 (Roger Meier)
- Expose basic project services attributes through GraphQL. !28234
- Add environment-state flag to metrics data. !28237
- Allow defining of metric step in dashboard yml. !28247
- Separate validators into own class files. !28266 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Enable log explorer to use the full height of the screen. !28312
- Automatically assign id to each panel within dashboard to support panel scoped annotations. !28341
- Add Praefect rake task to print out replica checksums. !28369
- Add rake task to update x509 signatures. !28406 (Roger Meier)
- Add application setting to enable container expiration and retention policies on pre 12.8 projects. !28479
- Add Prometheus alerts automatically after Prometheus Service was created. !28503
- Add ability to filter commits by author. !28509
- Add usage data metrics for instance level clusters and clusters with management projects. !28510
- Refactor duplicate specs in wiki page specs. !28551 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Refactor duplicate member specs. !28574 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Remove design management as a license feature. !28589
- Add api endpoint to get x509 signature. !28590 (Roger Meier)
- Add support for database-independent embedded metric charts. !28618
- Fix issuable duplicate spec. !28632 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Fix build duplicate spec. !28633 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Remove duplicate specs in ability model. !28644 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Remove duplicate specs in update service spec. !28650 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Add added_lines and removed_lines columns to merge_request_metrics table. !28658
- Remove duplicate specs in pipeline message spec. !28664 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Add status endpoint to Pages Internal API. !28743
- Enable last user activity logging on the REST API. !28755
- Refresh metrics dashboard data without reloading the page. !28756
- Update duplicate specs in update large table spec. !28787 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Fix duplicate spec in factory relation spec. !28794 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Remove duplicate spec from changelog spec. !28801 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Remove duplicate spec from closing issue spec. !28803 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Allow Release links to be edited on the Edit Release page. !28816
- Create operations_user_lists table. !28822
- Added the clone button for Snippet view. !28840
- Add Fluentd table for cluster apps. !28844
- Fix duplicate spec from user helper spec. !28854 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Add missing spec for gitlab schema. !28855 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Fix duplciate spec in merge requests. !28856 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Fix duplicate spec in environment finder. !28857 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Fix duplicate spec in template dropdown spec. !28858 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Fix duplicate spec in user post diff notes. !28859 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Fix duplicate spec in filter issues. !28860 (Rajendra Kadam)
- Remove `ci_dag_support` feature flag. !28863 (Lee Tickett)
- Validate dependency on job generating a CI config when using dynamic child pipelines. !28901
- Add read_api scope to personal access tokens for granting read only API access. !28944
- Add write_registry scope to deploy tokens for container registry push access. !28958
- Add Nginx error percentage metric. !28983
- Provide configuration options for Static Site Editor. !29058
- Remove blobs_fetch_in_batches feature flag. !29069
- API endpoint to create annotations for environments dashboard. !29089
- Add graphQL interface to fetch metrics dashboard. !29112
- Save changes in Static Site Editor using REST GitLab API. !29286
- Add API endpoint to get users without projects. !29347
- Allow sorting of issue and MR discussions. !29492
- Add jira issues import feature.
- Add wildcard case in documentation for artifacts. (Fábio Matavelli)
- Add namespace storage size limit setting.
- Add placeholders to broadcast message notifications.
### Other (46 changes, 15 of them are from the community)
- Convert schema to plain SQL using structure.sql. !22808
- Provide link to a survey for Knative users. !23025
- Complete the migration of Job Artifact to Security Scan. !24244
- Migrate .fa-spinner to .spinner for app/views/shared/notes. !25028 (nuwe1)
- Migrate .fa-spinner to .spinner for app/views/ci/variables. !25030 (nuwe1)
- Migrate .fa-spinner to .spinner for ee/app/views/projects/settings. !25038 (nuwe1)
- Migrate .fa-spinner to .spinner for app/views/projects/mirrors. !25041 (nuwe1)
- Migrate .fa-spinner to .spinner for app/views/projects/network. !25050 (nuwe1)
- Migrate .fa-spinner to .spinner for app/views/groups. !25053 (nuwe1)
- Replace underscore with lodash for ./app/assets/javascripts/vue_shared. !25108 (Tobias Spagert)
- Remove health_status column from epics. !26302
- Show object access warning when disabling repo LFS. !26696
- Update icons in Sentry Error Tracking list for ignored/resolved errors. !27125
- Use Ruby 2.7 in specs to remove Ruby 2.1/2.2/2.3. !27269 (Takuya Noguchi)
- Fill user_type for ghost users. !27387
- Add Bitbucket Importer metrics. !27524
- Consume remaining LinkLFsObjectsProjects jobs. !27558
- Update GitLab Runner Helm Chart to 0.15.0. !27670
- Log Redis call count and duration to log files. !27735
- Use id instead of cve where possible when parsing remediations. !27815
- Log member additions when importing Project/Group. !27930
- Change project_export_worker urgency to throttled. !27941
- Add missing track_exception() call to Ci::CreateJobArtifactsService. !27954
- Add possibility to conigure additional rails hosts with env variable. !28133
- Remove new issue tooltip. !28261 (Victor Wu)
- Improve message when promoting project labels. !28265
- Change the link to chart copy text. !28371
- Conditional mocking of admin mode in specs by directory. !28420 (Diego Louzán)
- Align color and font-weight styles of heading elements and their typography classes. !28422
- Fix merge request thread’s icon buttons color. !28465
- Updated spinner next to forking message. !28506 (Victor Wu)
- Replaced old-style buttons with the new ones on Snippet view. !28614
- Change redo for retry icon in metrics dashboard. !28670
- Remove User's association max_access_level_membership. !28757
- Reduce urgency of EmailsOnPushWorker. !28783
- Use concern instead of service to update highest role. !28791
- Normalize error message between Gitea and Fogbugz importers. !28802
- Fix keyboard shortcut to navigate to your groups. !28873 (Victor Wu)
- Fix keyboard shortcut to navigate to dashboard activity. !28985 (Victor Wu)
- Remove unused index for vulnerability severity levels. !29023
- Update query labels dynamically for embedded charts. !29034
- Refactor projects/:id/packages API to supply only necessary params to PackagesFinder. !29052 (Sashi Kumar)
- Update GitLab Shell to v12.1.0. !29167
- Update GitLab Elasticsearch Indexer. !29256
- Add Gitlab User-Agent to ContainerRegistry::Client. !29294 (Sashi Kumar)
- Improve error message in DAST CI template. !29388
## 12.9.3 (2020-04-14)
### Security (3 changes)
title: Add an endpoint to allow group admin users to purge the dependency proxy for a group
merge_request: 27843
type: added
title: Add Nginx error percentage metric
merge_request: 28983
type: added
title: Add Prometheus alerts automatically after Prometheus Service was created
merge_request: 28503
type: added
title: Resolve Unable to expand multiple downstream pipelines.
merge_request: 27029
type: fixed
title: Update detected languages for dependency scanning in no dind mode
merge_request: 27723
type: fixed
title: Update detected languages for sast in no dind mode
merge_request: 27831
type: fixed
title: Add limit metric to lists
merge_request: 25532
type: added
title: Add usage data metrics for instance level clusters and clusters with management projects
merge_request: 28510
type: added
title: Add ability to filter commits by author
merge_request: 28509
type: added
title: Add unlock_membership_to_ldap boolean to Groups
merge_request: 26474
type: added
title: Fix archived corrupted projects not displaying in admin
merge_request: 25171
author: erickcspice
type: fixed
title: "Add support for system note metadata in project Import/Export"
merge_request: 27853
author: Melvin Vermeeren
type: added
title: Use Ruby 2.7 in specs to remove Ruby 2.1/2.2/2.3
merge_request: 27269
author: Takuya Noguchi
type: other
title: Hide admin user actions for ghost and bot users
merge_request: 27162
type: fixed
title: Update query labels dynamically for embedded charts
merge_request: 29034
type: other
title: Fix right sidebar when scrollbars are always visible
merge_request: 27314
author: Shawn @CasualBot
type: fixed
title: Highlight line which includes search term is code search results
merge_request: 22914
author: Alex Terekhov (terales)
type: added
title: Improve Advanced global search performance by using routing
merge_request: 27398
type: performance
title: Add issues to graphQL group endpoint
merge_request: 27789
type: added
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