Commit 47fc235f authored by Fatih Acet's avatar Fatih Acet Committed by Z.J. van de Weg
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Be consistent on naming.

It was named as $emojiBtn before I was using $emojiButton so updated them to be consistent.
parent 33021e6b272f
......@@ -115,18 +115,18 @@ class @AwardsHandler
@checkMutuality votesBlock, emoji if checkForMutuality
@addEmojiToFrequentlyUsedList emoji
emoji = @normilizeEmojiName emoji
$emojiBtn = @findEmojiIcon(votesBlock, emoji).parent()
emoji = @normilizeEmojiName emoji
$emojiButton = @findEmojiIcon(votesBlock, emoji).parent()
if $emojiBtn.length > 0
if @isActive $emojiBtn
@decrementCounter $emojiBtn, emoji
if $emojiButton.length > 0
if @isActive $emojiButton
@decrementCounter $emojiButton, emoji
counter = $emojiBtn.find '.js-counter'
counter = $emojiButton.find '.js-counter'
counter.text parseInt(counter.text()) + 1
$emojiBtn.addClass 'active'
$emojiButton.addClass 'active'
@addMeToUserList votesBlock, emoji
@animateEmoji $emojiBtn
@animateEmoji $emojiButton
votesBlock.removeClass 'hidden'
@createEmoji votesBlock, emoji
......@@ -153,32 +153,32 @@ class @AwardsHandler
@addAward votesBlock, awardUrl, mutualVote, no if isAlreadyVoted
isActive: ($emojiBtn) -> $emojiBtn.hasClass 'active'
isActive: ($emojiButton) -> $emojiButton.hasClass 'active'
decrementCounter: ($emojiBtn, emoji) ->
decrementCounter: ($emojiButton, emoji) ->
counter = $('.js-counter', $emojiBtn)
counter = $('.js-counter', $emojiButton)
counterNumber = parseInt counter.text(), 10
if counterNumber > 1
counter.text counterNumber - 1
@removeMeFromUserList $emojiBtn, emoji
@removeMeFromUserList $emojiButton, emoji
else if emoji is 'thumbsup' or emoji is 'thumbsdown'
$emojiBtn.tooltip 'destroy'
$emojiButton.tooltip 'destroy'
counter.text '0'
@removeMeFromUserList $emojiBtn, emoji
@removeEmoji $emojiBtn if $emojiBtn.parents('.note').length
@removeMeFromUserList $emojiButton, emoji
@removeEmoji $emojiButton if $emojiButton.parents('.note').length
@removeEmoji $emojiBtn
@removeEmoji $emojiButton
$emojiBtn.removeClass 'active'
$emojiButton.removeClass 'active'
removeEmoji: ($emojiBtn) ->
removeEmoji: ($emojiButton) ->
$votesBlock = @getVotesBlock()
......@@ -191,9 +191,9 @@ class @AwardsHandler
return $awardBlock.attr('data-original-title') or $awardBlock.attr('data-title')
removeMeFromUserList: ($emojiBtn, emoji) ->
removeMeFromUserList: ($emojiButton, emoji) ->
awardBlock = $emojiBtn
awardBlock = $emojiButton
originalTitle = @getAwardTooltip awardBlock
authors = originalTitle.split ', '
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