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......@@ -105,24 +105,5 @@ form. Click the icon to begin the authentication process. Google will ask the
user to sign in and authorize the GitLab application. If everything goes well
the user will be returned to GitLab and will be signed in.
## Further Configuration
This further configuration is not required for Google authentication to function
but it is strongly recommended. Taking these steps will increase usability for
users by providing a little more recognition and branding.
At this point, when users first try to authenticate to your GitLab installation
with Google they will see a generic application name on the prompt screen. The
prompt informs the user that "Project Default Service Account" would like to
access their account. "Project Default Service Account" isn't very recognizable
and may confuse or cause users to be concerned. This is easily changeable:
1. Select 'Consent screen' in the left menu. (See steps 1, 4 and 5 above for
instructions on how to get here if you closed your window).
1. Scroll down until you find "Product Name". Change the product name to
something more descriptive.
1. Add any additional information as you wish - homepage, logo, privacy policy,
etc. None of this is required, but it may help your users.
[reconfigure]: ../administration/
[restart GitLab]: ../administration/
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