Unverified Commit 4bef939e authored by Dmitriy Zaporozhets's avatar Dmitriy Zaporozhets
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Remove group rss icon since it depends on context and duplciates on other pages

Signed-off-by: default avatarDmitriy Zaporozhets <dmitriy.zaporozhets@gmail.com>
parent 95a406845a4d
- if current_user
- if current_path?('groups#show')
= link_to icon('rss'), group_path(@group, { format: :atom, private_token: current_user.private_token }), title: "Feed", class: 'btn btn-gray rss-btn'
%a.dropdown-new.btn.btn-gray#group-settings-button{href: '#', 'data-toggle' => 'dropdown'}
= icon('cog')
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