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Use same size headers. Add PullReview. Mention shell guide as created by us.

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......@@ -110,8 +110,7 @@ For examples of feedback on merge requests please look at already [closed merge
1. [Rails](
1. [Testing](
1. [CoffeeScript](
1. [Shell commands](doc/development/
1. [Shell commands](doc/development/ created by GitLab contributors to enhance security
1. [Markdown](
This is also the style used by linting tools such as [Rubocop](
and [Hound CI](
This is also the style used by linting tools such as [Rubocop](, PullReview[] and [Hound CI](
......@@ -83,13 +83,13 @@ or by directly calling the script:
Please login with `root` / `5iveL!fe`.
### Install a development environment
## Install a development environment
We recommend setting up your development environment with [the cookbook]( If you do not use the cookbook you might need to copy the example development unicorn configuration file
cp config/unicorn.rb.example.development config/unicorn.rb
### Run in development mode
## Run in development mode
Start it with [Foreman](
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