Commit 54ac5bfa authored by Clement Ho's avatar Clement Ho
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[skip ci] polyfill .hidden selector

parent 993f21421830
* Scss to help with bootstrap 3 to 4 migration
$text-color: $gl-text-color;
$brand-primary: $gl-primary;
......@@ -14,3 +18,15 @@ $input-border-focus: $focus-border-color;
$padding-base-vertical: $gl-vert-padding;
$padding-base-horizontal: $gl-padding;
html {
// Override default font size used in bs4
font-size: 14px;
// Polyfill deprecated selectors
.hidden {
@extend .d-none;
@extend .invisible;
// Override variables from bs4
html {
font-size: 14px;
@import "framework/variables";
@import "framework/mixins";
@import "framework.bs4";
@import "../../../node_modules/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap";
@import "framework.bs3";
@import "bootstrap_migration";
@import "framework/layout";
@import "framework/animations";
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