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Commit 5b2ed63c authored by Kamil Trzciński's avatar Kamil Trzciński
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Update style of yaml_processor_spec.rb

parent 7bde6f760575
......@@ -1394,11 +1394,15 @@ module Ci
describe "Error handling" do
it "fails to parse YAML" do
expect {"invalid: yaml: test")}.to raise_error(Gitlab::Ci::YamlProcessor::ValidationError)
expect do"invalid: yaml: test") raise_error(Gitlab::Ci::YamlProcessor::ValidationError)
it "indicates that object is invalid" do
expect {"invalid_yaml")}.to raise_error(Gitlab::Ci::YamlProcessor::ValidationError)
expect do"invalid_yaml") raise_error(Gitlab::Ci::YamlProcessor::ValidationError)
it "returns errors if tags parameter is invalid" do
......@@ -1704,6 +1708,7 @@ module Ci
context "when YAML content is empty" do
let(:content) { '' }
it { eq "Please provide content of .gitlab-ci.yml" }
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