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- Completely free and open source (MIT Expat license)
- Powered by Ruby on Rails
## Additional features availabe in GitLab Enterprise Edition
You might be interested in some of the features we include in GitLab Enterprise Edition:
- Deeper LDAP integration, specifically L[DAP group synchronization](, sharing a project with other groups, and [multiple LDAP support](;
- Manage contributions to your code with [git hooks](, [rebasing merge requests](, and [auditing](;
- [Deeper Jenkins CI integration](;
- [Deeper JIRA integration](
GitLab Enterprise Edition is available to our subscribers, along with support from our side. [How to become a subscriber.](
Feel free to check out the rest of the features in GitLab Enterprise Edition [here](
## Canonical source
- The source of GitLab Community Edition is [hosted on]( and there are mirrors to make [contributing]( as easy as possible.
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