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Commit 5e0669e0 authored by Lin Jen-Shin's avatar Lin Jen-Shin
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Since it's too hard to use JOIN with Rails... feedback:
parent 4b9ac8d2485e
...@@ -431,13 +431,13 @@ def commit(ref = 'HEAD') ...@@ -431,13 +431,13 @@ def commit(ref = 'HEAD')
# ref can't be HEAD, can only be branch/tag name or SHA # ref can't be HEAD, can only be branch/tag name or SHA
def latest_successful_builds_for(ref = default_branch) def latest_successful_builds_for(ref = default_branch)
pipeline = pipelines.latest_successful_for(ref).to_sql latest_pipeline = pipelines.latest_successful_for(ref).first
join_sql = "INNER JOIN (#{pipeline}) pipelines" +
" ON = #{Ci::Build.quoted_table_name}.commit_id" if latest_pipeline
builds.joins(join_sql).latest.with_artifacts latest_pipeline.builds.latest.with_artifacts
# TODO: Whenever we dropped support for MySQL, we could change to: else
# pipeline = pipelines.latest_successful_for(ref) builds.none
# builds.where(pipeline: pipeline).latest.with_artifacts end
end end
def merge_base_commit(first_commit_id, second_commit_id) def merge_base_commit(first_commit_id, second_commit_id)
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