Commit 90952a0a authored by Shinya Maeda's avatar Shinya Maeda
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Fix deployable nil exception on job controller

When deployable is nil, we gracefully take care of the case.
parent f4660ae812bf
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
expose :last?
expose :deployed_by, as: :user, using: UserEntity
expose :deployable do |deployment, opts|
expose :deployable, if: -> (deployment) { deployment.deployable.present? } do |deployment, opts|
deployment.deployable.yield_self do |deployable|
if include_details?
JobEntity.represent(deployable, opts)
title: Fix users cannot access job detail page when deployable does not exist
merge_request: 32247
type: fixed
......@@ -609,6 +609,14 @@
expect(find('.js-environment-link')['href']).to match("environments/#{}")
expect(find('.js-job-deployment-link')['href']).to include(second_deployment.deployable.project.path, second_deployment.deployable_id.to_s)
context 'when deployment does not have a deployable' do
let!(:second_deployment) { create(:deployment, :success, environment: environment, deployable: nil) }
it 'has an empty href' do
expect(find('.js-job-deployment-link')['href']).to be_empty
context 'job failed to deploy' do
......@@ -36,6 +36,15 @@
expect(subject).to include(:deployed_at)
context 'when deployable is nil' do
let(:entity) {, request: request, deployment_details: false) }
let(:deployment) { create(:deployment, deployable: nil, project: project) }
it 'does not expose deployable entry' do
expect(subject).not_to include(:deployable)
context 'when the pipeline has another manual action' do
let(:other_build) { create(:ci_build, :manual, name: 'another deploy', pipeline: pipeline) }
let!(:other_deployment) { create(:deployment, deployable: other_build) }
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