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Commit 65081a57 authored by Reuben Pereira's avatar Reuben Pereira
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Remove the restriction preventing project references with text adjacent to the > character

parent 6a84b2a4e5c8
......@@ -465,14 +465,12 @@ def reference_postfix_escaped
# Pattern used to extract `namespace/project>` project references from text.
# (?!\w) matches any non-word character.
# '>' or its escaped form ('>') are checked for because '>' is sometimes escaped
# when the reference comes from an external source.
def markdown_reference_pattern
......@@ -24,9 +24,9 @@ def get_reference(project)
expect(reference_filter(act).to_html).to eq(CGI.escapeHTML(exp))
it 'ignores references with text after the > sign' do
exp = act = "Hey #{reference}foo"
expect(reference_filter(act).to_html).to eq CGI.escapeHTML(exp)
it 'allows references with text after the > character' do
doc = reference_filter("Hey #{reference}foo")
expect(doc.css('a').first.attr('href')).to eq urls.project_url(subject)
%w(pre code a style).each do |elem|
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