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Merge with GitLab v13.5.4

This result passed all RSpec and functional tests on my
dev workstation.

Here follow the most notable changes that will need further

The upstream backup code has been entirely refactored, with a
new separation of concerns that has the Repository class take
care of the actual repo bundle production and restoration.
This is a breeze for Heptapod and its hierarchy of repository
classes. Not only is our specific code clearly delimited and
short (45 lines, including comments), but it is also more
future proof because we don't rely on spaggheti-like conditionals
any more. For instance, the day native projects don't include
a Git repository any more, we can simply provide appropriate
methods in HGitalyRepository. First shot implementation passed
the functional tests right away. It will need RSpec tests, though,
which are by the way now much easier to write as well.

There's been refactoring around Wikis, probably related to the
introduction of the Group Wikis. It was enough to pass the
tests to just delegate the two Heptapod-specific methods needed
for the raw repository instantiation, but this needs more scrutinity,
and probably Mercurial options for Group Wikis have to be

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