Commit 6b984908 authored by Mike Greiling's avatar Mike Greiling
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Merge branch 'leipert-foward-svg' into 'master'

Forward gitlab-svg

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!23543
......@@ -630,9 +630,9 @@
eslint-plugin-vue "^5.0.0-beta.3"
version "1.40.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-Y5QkaZH5N84qSNSGPxaj+NNlI4kthUNet7eRS1QCnaskwcvuWd/vF0xYCPd/tbRnK9MIhkKzhbxatUYDZVgXTQ==
version "1.41.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-tKUXyqe54efWBsjQBUcvNF0AvqmE2NI2No3Bnix/gKDRImzIlcgIkM67Y8zoJv1D0w4CO87WcaG5GLpIFIT1Pg==
version "1.11.0"
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