Commit 6cba5ba6 authored by Georges Racinet on's avatar Georges Racinet on
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HgGitRepository#hg_commit: include status code in error message

The main point is to make it easier for developers to tell apart the
case of status code 1. Note that output is usually empty, being redirected
to the logs.

branch : heptapod
parent a666af6e16c9
......@@ -411,7 +411,7 @@ def hg_commit(path, username, message, env, add_remove = false)
'-m', message]
cmd.append('--addremove') if add_remove
output, status = popen(cmd, path, env)
raise HgError, "Could not commit: #{output}" if status != 0
raise HgError, "Could not commit (status code #{status}): #{output}" if status != 0
hgsha_from_rev('.', path)
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