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Commit 6db0a250 authored by Peter Leitzen's avatar Peter Leitzen Committed by Sean McGivern
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Remove User#internal_attributes method

It's not needed anymore as we've replaced boolean `support_bot` with
enum `bot_type`.
parent 7b48337a2a29
...@@ -537,20 +537,16 @@ def full_path ...@@ -537,20 +537,16 @@ def full_path
username username
end end
def self.internal_attributes
def internal? def internal?
self.class.internal_attributes.any? { |a| self[a] } ghost?
end end
def self.internal def self.internal
where(Hash[[true] * internal_attributes.size)]) where(ghost: true)
end end
def self.non_internal def self.non_internal
where( { |attr| "#{attr} IS NOT TRUE" }.join(" AND ")) where('ghost IS NOT TRUE')
end end
# #
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