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Unverified Commit 6fd58ee4 authored by Markus Koller's avatar Markus Koller
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Remove rake task update_commit_count

parent 2d285695b3cd
namespace :gitlab do
desc "GitLab | Update commit count for projects"
task update_commit_count: :environment do
projects = Project.where(commit_count: 0)
puts "#{projects.size} projects need to be updated. This might take a while."
ask_to_continue unless ENV['force'] == 'yes'
projects.find_each(batch_size: 100) do |project|
print "#{project.name_with_namespace.color(:yellow)} ... "
unless project.repo_exists?
puts "skipping, because the repo is empty".color(:magenta)
puts project.commit_count.to_s.color(:green)
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