Commit 71ff6199 authored by Gosuke Miyashita's avatar Gosuke Miyashita
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Fix hash key settings["gitlab_version"] to settings[:gitlab_version]

In backup_create, backup information hash is using symbol as its key.
But in backup_restore, string key is used and it returns empty value.
parent 89ebc8648bed
......@@ -85,11 +85,11 @@ namespace :gitlab do
ENV["VERSION"] = "#{settings["db_version"]}" if settings["db_version"].to_i > 0
# restoring mismatching backups can lead to unexpected problems
if settings["gitlab_version"] != %x{git rev-parse HEAD}.gsub(/\n/,"")
if settings[:gitlab_version] != %x{git rev-parse HEAD}.gsub(/\n/,"")
puts "gitlab_version mismatch:".red
puts " Your current HEAD differs from the HEAD in the backup!".red
puts " Please switch to the following revision and try again:".red
puts " revision: #{settings["gitlab_version"]}".red
puts " revision: #{settings[:gitlab_version]}".red
exit 1
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